Sunday, April 12, 2020

Fr. Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie, MSP - Homily for Easter Monday - April 13, 2020

Monday 13th April 2020
Acts 2:14,22-33, Matthew 28:8-15
If you have also been wondering why Jesus did not judge those who offended him, we see very clearly in the first reading of today, why Jesus gave Peter a second chance. Peter before now, had denied knowing Jesus, and he had ran away to hide from the soldiers. It was only when Mary Magdalene brought the good news of resurrection that he came out of the room. The same can be said of the other Apostles.
Peter who is now filled with the Holy Spirit, is not ready to take the second chance of Jesus for granted. He now boldly proclaims that he knows Jesus, and he bears witness to the resurrection. We too have in one way or the other, denied knowing Jesus, by our sinful way of life. Without judging us, Jesus decided to die for us so that we may have a second chance. We should therefore not take this second opportunity for granted. The resurrection of Christ should spur us to live a better life. We can only bear witness to the resurrection by our way of life henceforth. God help us. Amen
Fr Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie MSP

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