Thursday, June 11, 2020

Fr. Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie, MSP - Homily for Friday Week 10 Ordinary time - June 12, 2020

Friday 12th June 2020
Tenth week in ordinary time year II
1 Kings 19:9,11-16, Matthew 5:27-32
A friend was discussing with me that she needed a place to talk to God and decided to come to the Church. On arrival, she met that the Holy Rosary was being recited, but after the rosary, she went home and did not feel that she heard the voice of God. She therefore decided to go to another Church where there was much shouting during prayers, but when the loud prayer was over and she went home, she felt empty too. I therefore advised her to visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. She complained that it was another quiet prayer even worse than reciting the Rosary, and I advised her not to pay attention to what she want to say to God, but what God was telling her. She later came back praising God that she never thought that God could be speak to her heart in silence.
The prophet Elijah was one of the greatest prophets in history, he has been used to drastic miracles, and God had manifested himself to him in powerful ways. In 1 kings 17, Elijah's prayer started the drought, on Tuesday of this week, we read the story of his encounter with the widow of Zeraphat. He also raised the son of the widow from the dead, and two days ago, we read the popular story of his encounter with the prophets of Baal, how God answered him with fire and he destroyed the prophets of Baal. These are very dramatic events. Elijah was therefore used to seeing God in action.
When he expected to hear from God today as he is running from Jezebel who wanted him dead for killing the prophets of Baal, he expected to see God manifest himself in a mighty wind or an earthquake, or a fire, but God appeared in a gentle breeze.
This proves to us that when we sometimes get disappointed that God is not with us or answering our prayers, the truth is that we are not seeking him in the right place. God is always speaking to us in the solitude of our hearts, but many of us are busy looking for God in far away noisy places that we cannot hear him. God works in miraculous ways. He manifests himself both in fire and brimstone, as well as in a gentle breeze. All you need to do is to listen to him. God help us. Amen
Fr Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie MSP

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