Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Fr. Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie, MSP - Homily for Thursday Week 17 Ordinary time - July 30, 2020

Jeremiah 18:1-6, Matthew 13:47-53


Back in the seminary, one of the songs I loved so much especially during benediction, was the song composed by Carey Landry titled ABBA FATHER. The song which has Jeremiah 18:6 as part of its refrain, presents God in the image of a potter who is making different shapes of objects with clay. The image that comes to my mind is how patient God is with us to mould us into what he wants us to be. Most times we do not want to be told what to do, we do not want to be what God wants us to be. We want to do our own thing. Even when we get stubborn, God is still patient to guide us to the right path.
For articles to be made of clay, it has a lot of processes to go through. Even when the work is moulded, it has to be made strong with fire. This is where the path we have to play comes in. Some of the painful moments we pass through in life is part of the process of our becoming a better person. It could be when we are being made strong with fire. No experience no matter how good or bad it is, happen for its own sake, it is part of moulding and shaping us to be better. May God grant us the grace to see his hands in all our situations in life, so that we can accept them gladly so as to be who he wants us to be. If you are undergoing some turbulent moments, or finding your work difficult, do not give up, God is aware, and those moments will make you stronger to face the future. God help us. Amen.
Fr Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie MSP

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