Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Fr. Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie, MSP - Homily for Wednesday Week 14 Ordinary time - July 8, 2020

Hosea 10:1-3,7-8,12, Matthew 10:1-7
The work of God is a very delicate one that requires people of special characters. In the gospel reading of yesterday, Jesus said that the harvest is rich but the labourers are few. This is indeed true. There is plenty work to be done in the vineyard of God, but those who are ready to do it are very few. It is not that human beings are scarce to do it, but how many are ready to make the sacrifices involved in it?
In the gospel reading of today, we see how Jesus chose 12 labourers to work with him in God's vineyard for the purpose of winning souls for the kingdom of God. Jesus had many disciples who followed him as he went around preaching, but when he needed helpers, Jesus spent the whole night in prayer so that he would choose the right people.
When we look at the 12 Apostles chosen by Jesus, they all had their own uniqueness and differences, strength and weaknesses, gifts and talents. They came with their different gifts to complement one another. When we look at them thoroughly, we will discover that they were not perfect people. Peter denied Jesus 3 times, Thomas doubted him, Judas even betrayed him. Nevertheless, Jesus alone knew what he saw in each one of them that he called them.
Jesus has also called many labourers into his vineyard to assist in winning souls for the kingdom. Those called by God may not be perfect according to our standard, they may not be Holy or strong enough, they may look too ordinary, but God himself knows them and has chosen them. We therefore have a duty to assist and support them to help them succeed in what God has called them to do. In a broader sense, Jesus has also called all of us to be his coworkers in Matthew 28:19. We can therefore ask ourselves today if we have been faithful to the work God has called us to do. God help us. Amen
Fr Michael Osatofoh Eninlejie MSP

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